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Valentina Johnson

Communications and Operations Associate

Valentina joined the Nia team in 2023 as a Communications and Operations Associate. In her role, Valentina enjoys connecting with clients and supporting the Nia vision. She has a passion for helping others achieve things they never thought possible and thus is excited about supporting women and BIPOC communities in growing their wealth. Prior to Nia, Valentina spent 2.5 years as a coach and Creative Director in the publishing industry, where she developed a love for supporting others with their craft. During the pandemic, Valentina became interested in permaculture and sustainable living, leading her on a search for ways to help the world and BIPOC communities, and ultimately found Nia. Valentina holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Interdisciplinary Studies with concentrations in graphic design and English literature from Georgia Southern University in Savannah, Georgia. Valentina lives with her wife and son in Rhode Island. In her spare time she enjoys reading, studying astrology, and watching true crime documentaries.

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