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Why nia

Our strategy sets us apart.

At Nia, we strive to build an environmentally sustainable economy where we can all thrive, with a more equitable distribution of resources, wealth and income, regardless of racial, cultural or economic background.

Investing in companies that meet our criteria for inclusion is just the first step in achieving our vision. The other crucial step is continuous engagement with the companies we invest in.

impactful engagement

Nia demands industry change.

We regularly engage with our portfolio companies through proxy voting and shareholder resolutions and we demand change, either in regards to policies or management and business practices. We want to assure our investors’ goals are met, both from a financial, as well as impact perspective.

Proxy Voting

We view proxy voting as both an investor right and as a responsibility.

We vote our clients’ proxies in alignment with both their financial interests and values, in a manner that is consistent with their highest aspirations as impact investors.

Shareholder Resolutions

Real-time impact.

We file shareholder resolutions with companies concerning diversity and inclusion and company culture issues.
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