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Investment Criteria

Our process is driven by research and fundamentals.

Companies that make our buy list meet the following investment criteria:

  • Follow ESG guidelines
  • Meet our high-impact, solutions-focused social and environmental standards.
  • Show strong fundamentals and growth potential not fully priced by the markets.
  • Offer unique products or services with high potential for long-term growth.
  • Demonstrate a continuous commitment to people, the planet, and corporate social responsibility through their operations.

Gender Lens

With Nia, women lead.

All companies in our investing universe have women in executive leadership and/or on the Board of Directors. Our portfolio companies offer products and services that benefit women and girls and promote an inclusive work environment.

Gender lens is woven in everything we do. As a women-led firm, we are committed to advancing education, business opportunities and quality of life for women globally.

Solutions Themes

Our investment decisions are guided by our six investing themes, which address global systemic risks. Through a rigorous and fundamental research process, we select best-in-class companies within these focus areas. Companies in our portfolio are well-positioned for growth and offer a primary product or service that broadly benefits people and the environment.

Sustainable Planet

Climate change mitigation and adaptation, including renewable energy, energy-efficient technologies, sustainable design and engineering services


Focusing on innovation and access; emphasis on prevention, early detection, women’s health, innovative cancer treatments and unmet medical needs; addressing the Covid-19 pandemic, HIV/AIDS pandemic, the Ebola virus, and other infectious diseases

Natural & Organic Foods

Promotion of products to support sustainable agriculture with an understanding that organic farming practices contribute to a healthier planet and people

Sustainable & Affordable Transportation

Emphasis on products and systems that eliminate or reduce damaging emissions, while also expanding access to clean transportation alternatives

Affordable Housing

Environmentally friendly, sustainable and promoting healthy, thriving communities

Education, Communication & Financial Services

Basic banking and financial literacy that expand opportunities and level the playing field for underserved populations with historically limited access; services and technologies to improve education and facilitate communication

Alignment with UN SDGs

A blueprint for creating a more
peaceful and prosperous world.

The UN SDGs were established by the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The 17 goals aim to address some of the most pressing global challenges, including poverty, racial and gender inequality, lack of access to healthcare and education, climate change, and environmental degradation. While governments of both developed and developing countries are taking the lead by adopting the 2030 Agenda, public companies play a crucial role too.

Nia’s six impact investing themes highly align with the UN SDGs, and our portfolio companies are tackling many of these challenges through their products and services, as well as business practices.

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