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Theory Of Change

Our theory of change is simple. We believe we can all contribute to building a better world for ourselves and future generations, and at Nia, we choose to do so through investing. The basic idea behind investing is for investors to provide funds for companies to grow, and after some time, to walk away with a financial return.

At Nia, we don’t walk away, or at least not from companies we believe can be active players in building a more sustainable, regenerative, equitable and just economic system.

Nia was founded with the mission of bringing impact investing to the public markets. A strategy that originated among private foundations, impact investing has become increasingly popular over the past decade, and especially within younger demographics who are facing a rather different world and reality from what their parents or grandparents grew up in.

At times, this young demographic wonders whether there will still be a planet to inhabit in a few years, and if so, in what condition. Will they have children, and if they do, will there be enough fresh and clean water for everyone to share? Will there be enough healthcare, education, shelter and food to sustain their families?

While a lot of these questions depend on policymakers and politicians, financial markets have always been colossal players in shaping the world and reality we live in. Our lives are dictated by products, services and ideas we consume and ingest on a daily basis.

Today’s investors are not afraid to call out companies on their irresponsible practices. They are not afraid to quit their jobs if their values or identities are not being respected and nurtured, and they are not afraid to pull money away from where it’s not being put to use ethically and sustainably.

Nia is here to support investors with values who are deeply concerned with the future of the planet and who want to walk the talk by investing their time, money and energy where they see their best use. Impact investing is not reserved for private markets and companies, nor is it just for high-net-worth individuals and families.

Our theory of change is based on the simple premise that the companies we invest in are the ones we want to see flourish, while the companies we divest from are the ones we don’t consider as conducive to a sustainable future.

At Nia, we go beyond analyzing the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) impact of the companies in our portfolios, and we take action by holding them accountable to higher standards. We challenge the status quo and file shareholder resolutions on matters of gender diversity and racial justice. We call out companies and meet with employees to spur more responsible and ethical business and employment practices. We are not afraid to divest from companies that we don’t see aligned with the values of our investors. And we do all of this without sacrificing return on investment. This is at the core of our investment philosophy, strategy and process.

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